Research & Innovation in Science and Engineering

Research Initiative for Students of Engineering (RISE), was launched in August 2015 by Dr. Kamal Bansal, Dean CoES, with an objective to encourage research activities amongst all the undergraduate and postgraduate students of Engineering, Design and Planning. Tremendous response and enthusiastic participation is received from the students and faculty members during all the cycles of RISE (RISE-2015: 63 projects, RISE-2016: 64 projects, RISE-2017: 88 projects). Participation spells the success and acceptance of Research Initiative for Students of Engineering as a platform for bringing the ideas forward and materializing them in the laboratories.

The journey started as an ‘Initiative’ to offer financial, infrastructural and intellectual support to our budding engineers, and it is a matter of pride that the students have been benefitted from the scheme and are creating innovations, which are filed for patents and have carved a niche in the intellectual world in the form of publications.  In nutshell, below mentioned are the achievements:

Patents: 14

Research Publications: 22

Student Awards at various platforms: >10

Looking at the achievements of the students and the success of RISE, it is a pleasure to transform it from ‘Research Initiative for Students of Engineering’ to ‘Research & Innovation in Science and Engineering’.

Taking a step further, we are also ready to launch it at National level this year as National Convention: Research & Innovation in Science and Engineering. It seeks participation from all the states of the country and expects a thorough brainstorming among the students of various organizations that culminates into outcomes for societal benefits.